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SEASON 2019/2020

After three thrilling seasons, we’re now at the start of season 4. What’s your goal for next season? The first half of the season is now confirmed and the tickets for the first two events are now available. Subscribe and claim your position in the ranking.

NEW: Race 2 – 28 September Warstein

NEW IN THE 2019/2020 OCR SERIES: RACE 2 in Warstein! Make sure you come well prepared during one of the most sloping terrains in this years series. The new location in Warstein is different than all our other race locations and the athletes will have to conquer more mountains/hills then usual. So is racing in rough terrains your specialty, this course is deffinately in your advantage! Start in time with your hill training and maybe we’ll see you on the podium this race. It’s also your last chance to gain points season ranking in 2019, who will be the no. 1 at the end of the first half of the season and who will qualify for the OCR World Finals 2019/2020.

Race 4 – 05 April Nijmegen

Race 4 will be the first OCR Series race of the season to be held in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known of it flag landscape, so get ready for another fast course and focus on having a high average speed. Despite the flat terrain, you’ll be facing the famous ski-hill halfway through the course. Our tip: steady your tempo to reduce the chance of cramps throughout the rest of the course. Race 4 is another Mud-themed run and the Berendonck is well known for its sticky Mud and deep trenches.

Race 6 – 09 May Amsterdam

Race 6 is the last qualification opportunity in Holland to earn your spot in the OCR Series World Finals. If you thought there are no Hills in the Netherlands, you are wrong. Race 6 takes place during the Strong Viking Hills Edition in Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude, near Amsterdam. Be ready for many uphill crawls, weight carrying and last but not least; the Arctic Area! Conquer obstacles in the SnowWorld Skicentre with a tempature of -5 degrees. Crawl, jump and slide through to the snow in order to secure your spot in the OCR Series ELITE!

OCR Series World Finals – 30 August Ghent

The day has arrived! After 7 thrilling OCR Series qualification races, it is now finally time to crown the OCR Series World Champions of the season 2019/2020! During the World Finals, only the top-3 (male & female) of every race and the top-200 male & top-100 female of the overall ranking will compete for the podium. During the exclusive World Finals there will be some World premiere OCR obstacles! Are you an ELITE runner (top 200/100), were you in the top-3 of an earlier race and/of did you qualify yourself at one of out external qualifiers? Then you can sign up for the ELITE wave and claim your spot in the OCR Series World Finals