Tips for a good preparation

Read this Strong Viking Family run guide to make sure you are completely up to date!

The Strong Viking Family has a collaboration with the VES (Association of Exclusive Sport Centers). This fitness organization ensures you can prepare yourself at the best 100 sports and fitness centers in the Neterlands. Furthermore, you can join Bootcamp training at various locations across the country. Bekijk waar. Bootcamp is the perfect preparation for the Strong Viking Family run, because it trains the entire body on every level.

The Family Obstacle Run is not a basic running competition. It is an event where running is combined with obstacles to challenge your physical and mental condition. The maximum speed is just above walking pace. The obstacles can cause your muscles to acidify. If you notice this, slow down to walking pace. Only if you feel like you can go faster, you start to speed up again.

Wear thight shorts or long pants that fit well around your legs. This prevents friction, especially after getting out of the mud. For the shirts it is also best when they fit tight. The best material for pants and shirts is polyester, because this does not retain water. For your shoes it is best to buy special, outdoor running shoes. These shoes have more grip than the normal running shoe. Good damping is desired because of all the jumping, falling and climbing.