Family Obstacle Run & UNICEF Netherlands!

The Family Obstacle Run has a national collaboration with UNICEF Netherlands.

Growing up in extreme poverty, in prison, on the streets, in war violence or as a child worker in difficult condtitions: for millions of children conquering obstacles is their daily reality. The goal of UNICEF is to create a safe environment for children and to protect them against violence, abuse and exploitation.

Just like UNICEF we want all children in the world to have a carefree childhood in which they can play and learn, develop their talents and get lots of oppurtunities. One of the important aspects we are trying to teach children is to not avoid obstacles you face in your daily life, but to push your limits to conqueror these obstacles!

Do you want to support UNICEF Netherlands with your Family Obstacle Run participation? Create your personal action and start looking for sponsors HERE. You can also help by donating a once-only € 2,50 when registering at the Family Obstacle run.

Together we help children all over the world towards a better future!

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